Long-lasting germ protection for your family.

With lasting germ protection for hands and surfaces, ZOONO® lets you enjoy sharing precious moments with your family.

We have a variety of disinfectant products to ensure that your home environment is sterilised and remains safe. ZOONO® Sanitiser has been successfully tested against COVID-19 Surrogate at >99.99% effectiveness. Apply ZOONO® Hand Sanitiser to your family’s hands every day as part of your morning routine. ZOONO® will provide protection and help reduce the risk of transmission of virus and germs all day.  

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Completely Non-toxic

Zoono’s Hand Sanitizer is water-based, alcohol free, dermatologically tested and designed to be applied every 24-hours
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24-Hour Protection

One application of Zoono Hand Sanitiser in the morning, provides a germ-freeprotective layer all day, so you can relax, knowing you are protected.

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If you would like to have a discussion about ZOONO's wide range of applications and how our advantage technology can help your business. Contact us to arrange a call with a ZOONO representative in your area.

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