Zoono skin and surface sanitiser.
The future of antimicrobial technology.

Formulated to kill the toughest germs for longer.

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Long Lasting

Once applied Zoono skin and surface sanitizer stays active for up to 30 days protection on surfaces and 24 hours on the skin and does not wash off. Therefore, providing confidence that the environment is micro-biologically safe.

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Ultra Gentle

Zoono is water-based and free from harmful chemicals. It’s safer for aquatic organisms and less likely to cause skin and eye irritation. It’s safer for you, your staff and your customers, whilst being deadly to a wide range of germs and pathogens.

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Touch Point Protection​

Our touch point service helps to identify high use areas and target them for specific treatment. Targeting treatments to these areas helps reduce the risk of contamination to your staff and clients.

Fogging disinfection services

Fogging & Sanitation

Our trained and certified teams provide comprehensive fogging and disinfection services nationwide. This service will be carried out once a month per branch or site after your routine cleaning schedule

Following cleaning, most surfaces become recontaminated to dangerous levels within a few hours making routine cleaning practices almost irrelevant – apart from aesthetics.  Zoono is different.  Zoono skin and surface sanitizer works by binding to skin, surfaces and textiles at a molecular level and continues to kill germs, bacteria and viruses for far longer than any other product on the market. Once dry, Zoono forms a layer of microscopic pins that continuously work disinfecting all surfaces that it is bonded to and does not wash off.  *TGA Australia has confirmed Zoono Z-71 Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser is an effective disinfectant for hard surfaces against germs, bacteria and COVID-19.

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One application of Zoono Hand Sanitizer in the morning provides an antibacterial protective layer all day so you can relax, knowing your hands are protected for up to 24 hours.

Keep surfaces hygienic for longer without the hassle of sterilising every day! Using Zoono surface sanitiser after you clean gives you germ-free surfaces for up to 30 days.

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Zoono Anti-Microbial Solutions (ZAMS) provides a comprehensive fogging and disinfectant service nationwide in South Africa.

Zoono technology is used by well known trusted companies across a range of industries including manufacturing, medicine, science, agriculture, viticulture, finance, FMCG, IT, entertainment, hospitality, catering, transport, child care and livestock. Our current focus is servicing the following sectors:


Zoono enables manufacturers to adhere to strict hygiene practices and standards. Zoono is inert in its liquid state and permanently bonds to surfaces eliminating any pathogen threats during manufacturing processes.


After routine cleaning, surfaces are re-contaminated within hours. Zoono's long-lasting antimicrobial protection is paramount in critical hygiene environments.


With the significant turn-around in Hotels and the International nature of travellers it is essential that communal areas and rooms are protected.


Childcare facilities are breeding grounds for infections and contamination. Protecting the little ones keeps us all healthier. Flu, colds and hand, foot and mouth disease have a massive impact on edu-care centres and families.


Introducing non-toxic hygiene practices with Zoono eliminates the need for antibiotics in live animal zones.

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