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ZOONO Antimicrobial Solutions (ZAMS) is an approved distributor of ZOONO products in South Africa. Get in touch if you would like to have a discussion about ZAMS wide range of fogging, hand and surface sanitisers and disinfectant applications. Our advantage technology can help de-contaminate your business. Contact us to arrange a call with a ZOONO representative in your region to discuss your sterilisation needs.

We offer our services nationwide in the Western Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and North West.

Namibia: For Zoono products in Namibia contact

Head office:

29 Marconi Road, Montague Gardens,
Cape Town, South Africa


Ludel Close, Montague Gardens, Cape Town



Tel: +27 (63) 720 5368



National Call Centre:

Tel: +27 (21) 007 1435


TEL: +27 (79) 373 2935


TEL: +27 (61) 699 4971

ZAMS Zoono Cape Town


I have worked in childcare for the past decade so I am constantly exposed to every form of illness you can imagine! These products CHANGED MY LIFE! I used to get sick with colds/flus/gastro 5-8 times a year minimum. For the past 2 years I have been using the hand sanitiser every single morning and in that time I haven’t been sick once!! Not even a runny nose!! It is literally a game changer. If we have an outbreak of something I spray door handles and keyboards etc and I swear I have single handedly saved my centre from numerous infections spreading. I recommend it to every parent that will listen, spray your kids hands in the morning before kindy each day. It’ll save the both of you many many many sick days!! Such an incredible product!!! It’s saving lives 👏🙌👏❤️ thank you thank you thank you!!!
Kids Baby
via Instagram
Fantastic product. I cannot say enough about this fantastic product and the service Zoono provides us. We use Zoono in our preschool and saw an immediate drop in the number of sick children, in fact zero sick children.We get Zoono to fog the school once a month and use their hand sanitizer to protect our children for 24 hours. This is a game changer especially with the new strain outbreak. If you are serious about protecting your staff, your business and yourself - GET ZOONO TODAY !
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