The Future of Germ Protection is here. Long-lasting germ protection for your family.

Welcome to our online shop for ZOONO products in South Africa. With lasting germ protection for hands and surfaces, ZOONO® lets you enjoy sharing precious moments - without stressing about the nasties.

We have a wide variety of ZOONO antimicrobial and disinfectant products for sale in our online shop to ensure that your home is sterilised and remains safe.  ZOONO Hand and Surface Sanitisers has been successfully tested against COVID-19 Surrogate at >99.99% effectiveness. 

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Our product range available in South Africa for home use.


Bulk buy our Zoono products in South Africa for office / business / industrial use.
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If you would like to have a discussion about ZOONO's wide range of applications and how our advantage technology can help your business. Contact us to arrange a call with a ZOONO representative in your area.

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