ZOONO safely disinfecting schools against Covid-19

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A game-changer for disinfecting schools.

When it comes to disinfecting schools, nurseries, classrooms or other educational institutions, Zoono is a game-changer. It creates a safe and clean learning environment for students. With Zoono, disinfecting become a monthly routine, instead of a daily difficulty. Zoono’s Fogging service provides the opportunity to keep the campus, school or nursery effectively hygienic with minimal disruption.

Childcare facilities are breeding grounds for infections and contamination. Protecting the little ones keeps us all healthier. Flu, colds and hand, foot and mouth disease will have a massive impact on centres and families. ZOONO disinfectants have been proven to reduce absenteeism in school and office buildings resulting in significant cost savings and improved productivity.

SA schools’ reopening is delayed by two weeks as the country fights the second wave of Covid-19. It’s a sigh of relief for some parents and teachers, who have experienced the brutal sweep of the second Covid-19 wave in their immediate families and communities. As teachers’ union called on the department of education to “think carefully” about the move since the reopening of schools may lead to a spike in Covid-19 infections. The DA conceded that pushing out the reopening date — now set for February 15 — would cause more harm than good.

Zoono is disinfecting schools and educational institutions worldwide.

Subsequently, there are schools that operate under the safest learning environment taking every precaution to ensure the highest standard of hygiene, cleaning & safety for their students and school community. Several educational institutions have teamed up with Zoono Group Ltd. Utilizing Zoono’s disinfectant surface sanitiser and fogging service at their entire campus or school. Currently, Zoono is being used in over 470 Early Learning Centres in Australia already and in more than 42 countries worldwide. 

Several South African schools are disinfecting with Zoono's fogging application. Protecting students and teachers while operating in a safe and hygienic learning environment.

Disinfecting Schools

Wonderland Educare bacteria count the lowest during Covid-19 Pandemic

Disinfecting schools with Zoono is a safer alternative.

It is water-based, ultra-gentle and doesn’t use any harmful ingredients, yet is 99.99% effective against viruses, fungi and bacteria on all surfaces for up to 30 days.  It contains less harmful elements than vitamin C or coffee.

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  • 99.9% effective against most viruses, bacteria and fungi.

  • Round-the-clock protection of surfaces, objects, hands.

  • Best possible precautions for students and teachers.

  • Improved speed of disinfection process.

  • Operations can continue immediately when liquid has dried.

  • Lesser down-time of classrooms and facilities.

  • Lower labour and product maintenance costs.  
  • Surface Application only once a month.
  • Hand sanitiser applied only once daily.
  • Higher student capacity, higher revenues.

  • Water-based, practically non-toxic, food safe.

  • Replaces the need for dangerous chemicals and alcohol.

  • Contains less harmful elements than vitamin C or coffee.

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