Hand Sanitiser for Family Bundle Pack

R673.49 incl. Vat

Zoono hand sanitiser (Germ-free 24) is the perfect sanitizer for family. One application a day for 24-hour germ-free protection. Once dry, Zoono becomes active on your hands and does not wash off. Zoono hand sanitiser is completely non-toxic. It is safe for children/animals. Zoono is eco-friendly/biodegradable. Safe for food manufacturing. Water-based. Dermatologically tested for humans. Zoono is safe for sensitive skin. No stickiness or residue left behind. Once dry, Zoono kills 99.99% of all known germs on contact.




Hand Sanitizer for Family Bundle Pack.

Contains the following products:

Zoono’s unique technology is unlike anything else available internationally. Zoono uses (Silicone atoms) in the design of its technology which allows it to bond to any surface. This is why Zoono cannot diminish in strength and does not wash off. It stays active for 30 days on surfaces regardless of everyday cleaning protocols.

Zoono is proven to Kill 99.99% of all known germs ranging from bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi and mould. (Full spectrum of pathogens). Zoono is a long-lasting active sanitiser. It stays active for 24 hours on hands that stop germs in its tracks. Backed by over 160 international lab reports. Zoono is the name you can trust to protect your family.

Zoono helps remove the human error element for not sanitising (hands and surfaces) as often as required. Only one application a day on hands is needed. It helps reduce cross-contamination. Therefore, massively reducing the risks associated with cross-contamination for staff and business.

Zoono is cost-effective. Using much less product each day. No need to use toxic or alcohol-based sanitisers. Zoono can increase productivity due to fewer hours spent on sanitising surfaces. Germs cannot become resistant to Zoono.  Pathogens are not able to become resistant, because germs are killed mechanically and not through harsh chemicals or high toxicity.

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Weight5921 g


Store in the shade between 5°C and 50°C.


Caution Hands

Sanitizer for Family
Hand Sanitiser for Family Bundle Pack
R673.49 incl. Vat
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